We are dedicated to creating an environment of fellowship 
and humanity which builds towards a team competitive narrative so all athletes can acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to thrive in their school studies, game play, careers and 
lifestyle decision.

We take a strategic approach to improving character, teamwork, accountability, mental and physical wellness, respect and resilience. Our focus is supporting the whole person and building on the (passion) love of sports and healthy competition on and off the field of play. 



The memorable and remarkable Sandlot 7v7 Pro-Am Challenge© kicks off with a Cookout on Friday March 25th at Raymond James Stadium. All teams, players, coaches, staff, and referees participating in the event are invited to attend. This gathering offers traveling teams and players the ability to unwind and the opportunity for fellowship and storytelling.


Sandlot 7v7 Pro-Am Challenge© is an exclusive event with teams participating by invitation only. Saturday play for S7V7PAC™ begins with all teams playing in 3 warm-up games. Teams play 7v7, each game consists of two halves and all games are 20 minutes long. This is single elimination tournament play.


S7V7PAC™ 2022 TOURNAMENT RULES FAQ & GUIDELINES will be posted on Sandlot7v7.com 


We are pleased to announce the opportunity to nominate your player(s) to compete in unique competitions at the Sandlot 7V7 Pro/AM Skills Challenge. 


The skills challenge is set to take place during the break of 7V7 competition play on March 26th from 1:00pm – 2:30pm. For each event you will have the opportunity to nominate one (1) player per team except for the “4 Cone Straight Speed Relay” where you will be able to nominate four (4) players.


Coaches, please nominate your players for their specific challenge by 3pm on Wednesday, March 23rd.


QB Droppin’ Dimes Challenge: Quarterback will battle it out in a one-minute accuracy competition, as they attempt to hit as many targets as possible.


Hands Competition Challenge: Wide receiver-quarterback duos from each team will compete in a timed obstacle to catch a series of passes as quickly as possible. Designated targets require a specific style of catch — sideline, one-handed, over the shoulder, etc. — which must be executed before the receiver can move on to the next target. Participants will be able to select their QB of choice


4 Cone Straight Speed Relay: Players from each team will participate in a timed 4-man relay race designed to showcase straight speed in competition including a figure eight drill, 40-yard dash, and more.


Straight Speed Dash: Players will compete in a 40-yard race to see who is the fastest. Winner takes it all


Quick Feet Speed Challenge: Players will participate in a timed drill designed to showcase agility and speed in competition including figure eight and ladder drills


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